Mint (Mitochondria Iron Network Technologies) 


Champion in the development of diagnostic and prognostic markers as well as therapeutics for iron-related disorders with a special focus on mitochondrial iron overload notably in neurodegenerative diseases, chronic inflammatory disorders, and cancer.

To find a solution for human health challenges

Skin Cancer




Ongoing R&D

Study Phase

Ongoing R&D


Robert C. Hider


Charareh Pourzand


Ron Nourani

Medical industry entrepreneur

Investment opportunities


OPEN - Experienced Investors - High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) / Sophisticated & Professional.

Mint Therapeutics Ltd is open to discussing investment from a range of investors. If you are able to self-certify as either                  an investment professional, HNWI, or sophisticated investor and would like to know more, then please send us an email                or fill out the form for a Callback.

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CLOSED - Seedrs Crowdfunding: As part of our funding round, Mint Therapeutics Ltd gave our community of friends and followers the opportunity to invest in our business and join us on our journey. We aim to become the largest MedTech fundraising round ever on Seedrs.


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